Did you know that trees take a winter rest? This is why the leaves die. The tree no longer needs them as there will be less sunlight and water available during winter….

On the seventh day, the heavens and the earth were finished and filled with life. On the seventh day God rested from his work and all that he had made….
IMG] (4).jpg
If even the trees give us an example of rest, I think I need to start resting more. I find a lot of times if I get sick, it is soon after a busy time and it is almost as if my body is just trying to find a way to get me to rest…

So anyways, just a friendly word of encouragement to remember to sit with your family for a bit today and breathe.


2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I would like to hibernate like the bears, or rest with the trees, but life keeps going for me. You are right about resting though. I go to church one day a week, that is my gift to God. I don’t go shopping or watch TV. I don’t do anything that I would normally do on anyother day of the week, no bills, no wash, no buying things. It is nice to be unplugged for one day. That one day God rejuvenates me. Meghan

    • That’s fantastic! That’s exactly what you need! I would love to hibernate too sometimes.. that’s for sure! Just stow myself away for a week somewhere nice and quiet… But we need to at least give ourselves consistent rests… Just like you do, when you devote that day to Him! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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