Ugh… How can I expect my daughter to believe she’s beautiful, when I can’t even get over my own shortcomings..

Today’s just one of those days where everything bothers me.. the scars on my lip, just ticking me off more than normal.
Freckles, yuck.. hair, frizzy.. nose, too big today.. teeth, slightly crooked.. did I mention the scars?

I’ve always known I’m not one of the “pretty girls”… Kind of knew that since I was 10… By that age you kind of know already where you fit in..

But I never thought I was terribly ugly or anything.

After years of hearing it though, it’s hard to look in the mirror and not think it…

Do you realize I had went years without really looking in the mirror?.. You may wonder how? How could you get ready in the morning?

Well, it’s easy.. If I had to do something, ie. brush hair, I would look at my hair… eye makeup, look at my eyes.. etc.. I never really looked at me though.

Sometimes I would catch glimpses and would cry.. I really tried not to look...

It wasn’t until recently that I began being able to even look at myself in the mirror. It’s still a process for me. Many days where the negative overwhelms the positive…

Yes, I know this is a shallow post… Why am I posting something so trivial as looks, right?

Well, it’s something every woman deals with. Every single woman… married woman… young woman… old woman… We all know we’re beautiful, right?.. but we also have that little part of us that wants to be one of the pretty girls.

Done rambling for the night… Just another single mom, working on her self-esteem, so she can be a good example to those girls who are growing up and needing their own self-esteem, so that they don’t run into stupid decisions like I did!