Happy Mother’s Day to Me

My Mother’s Day musings. Last night I went dancing. I don’t really know anyone there, so it leads to many introductions and lots of small talk. Small talk usually leads to questions about kids. And I’m sure you all can guess what kind of comments come with my reply about how many children I have. As an introvert, I sometimes find these comments hard to handle, especially when I hear them over and over in one setting. And recently I had been questioned about why I chose to have so many children with someone who was so mentally unstable and abusive. Well, I think why I had so many children with him isn’t the main question. From that marriage I do not regret my children at all. I wish I had awakened sooner to the strength I had at the end when I left, instead of suffering years of every type of abuse. But my children? I do not regret. They are beautiful. They are strong. They are funny. They are smart. They are talented. They are inquisitive. They are loving. ¬†They are hopeful. And kissing their innocent sleeping faces last night, hearing their little sleepy greetings of Happy Mother’s Day, and receiving their warm snuggles in the morning is the best part of who I am. They are my passion. I am honored to be called their mother, and I am so glad they came into this world to be my children.